What is currently wrong with various parts of the site

I’ve noticed that the ‘edition’ is missing from the Skin editor. It’s the texture that has ‘Java Edition’ on it. I feel like it should be there, and I want to change it to say ‘Better In My Eyes’ there (my resource pack is called Better in My Eyes and is here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/better-in-my-eyes-4071620/)

Also the piskel editor makes the image vanish when I scroll the wheel.

The skin editor selects the colour from the pixel above the one I pressed when I use the colour picker tool and it needs fixing: I may need to grab the colour of a really low-down mouth!

Can you please fix these?

Piskel is a separate website that just has a plugin on this site. It’s used for animation, so scrolling may take you to a second “frame” of the animation. Just scroll back up, or click back to the texture on the menu in the left.

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