Will my private skin auto upload to gellary?

when i edit my private skin after that i save in , will it find by other player or auto upload ? That is my Private skin , i hope it never auto upload , i am new in nova skin

although i cant say for sure, usally not naming it seems to work, i name all my skins either nothing or ahfuioadsh

bt i use other device searh my name of that my private skin , also got the result , show my skin in the result bar

can u help me delete my skin from search result ?

can you provide a link form the gallery?

here is the link http://novask.in/6428797013327872.png

i ment a link like this http://minecraft.novaskin.me/gallery


hello ? admin ? u there ? did u help me deleted my private skin ?

sorry, for some reason i was not notified, im sorry, just flagged it an im waiting a response

I have removed the skins.
But there aren’t private skins.

When you save you have an option to download the texture to you computer. If you give it a name and click save again it will be uploaded to the public gallery.

But it is unlikely that someone will ever find your skin there, because there are 25,701,271 skins (today) and a lot of repeated ones.

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