I can't save my skin. [merged topic]

did you try the above method?

But wouldn’t I lose my Skin? Because I didn’t saved it.
*PS: Also I didn’t mean Love my Skin,and Lose my Skin… Sorreh

tries can give may be failure net on your PC or so

I did too ;-; Also other things are shaded out too, like the upper left buttons are covered by the “gallery, tags, wear, background, pose” buttons… I cri ;-; OH yeah Im on Google Chrome .-.

Clear your browser cache, or try to reload the site with Ctrl+R to force it to get a fresh copy from the server.

Some changes were made to the layout but some older files cached by your browser on your computer are messing up with the new web page.

This is how you should be seing it:

So, I just got done creating a really nice skin in my opion, but i forgot to sign in and save it. I go to do exactly that, only to find out that those things at the top are glitched and i can’t save it, nor can i sign in. Refreshing the page is no help, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve worked really hard on the skin, so i don’t want to have it be erased. Can someone help?

Why is it like this? I can’t click the Save, Photo, Apply Buttons on top. It looks all clumped up for some reason.

try using google chrome

THANKS! Never used any other browser besides Internet Explorer, but I got Google Chrome and it fixed my little dilemma. Thanks for the help! :smile:

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no problem ^.^ glad i could be of help

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I do use Google Chrome, it still doesn’t work.

found this fix by OmegaFix

Okay, that works for saving, now would u happen to know the hot key for applying it?

it is currently bugged out.

some users are complaining that the save button is grey and they cant click it.

this is in fact a bug and it is being worked on.

in the mean time, you can hit CTRL+S on your keyboard, this has been tested to work in Google Chrome
also be sure to clear your cache when the hotfix releases so you can get it as soon as you can without issues. if

you need assistance with clearing your cache i have posted another post about it here

I’m using google chrome and I used Novaskin for like EVER. And today i wanted to edit my skin and bam i can’t save it. theres a white thing covering it. -.- Help?

if you wanna reply please give me a step by step procedure on how to. I don’t know everything.

me with the green n know what goes ?

If I don’t find out what’s going on I’m gonna be pissed!!!

WOW everyone is having this problem,even I! And i’m using Internet Explorer :confused: