Problem with saving images for wallpaper (Blender)

Hello, this is my first post seeking help.

I followed this guide How to create wallpaper templates with Cinema 4D and I have encountered a slight problem. First of all this happened.

Blender generates UV maps for all objects, which is obviously wrong. Secondly, I don’t know how to get all these images:

  • background0000.png
  • background0001.png
  • layer_object_1_0001.png
  • layer_matcolor0001.png
  • layer_illum0001.png
  • layer_ao0001.png
  • layer_object_1_0002.png
  • layer_matcolor0002.png
  • layer_illum0002.png
  • layer_ao0002.png

So far I only know how to save the render by “Save image as” in the UV/Image editor.
Thanks for reading