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"Zombified" Skins

I make “zombified” Minecraft skins. Meaning, I can turn your Minecraft player skin into a zombie.
I’m always more than happy to do so. So just message me your Minecraft player name and the skin will be done within a day at most. I also take specific requests, would you like your character to have blood on them? Do you want them to have red eyes? Just tell me and they’ll have it!
Example: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/4632412218720256/Undead-PandaDaTutu


Thank you for sharing your services here! I would like a Zombiefied skin, ok? My IGN is “TourobabaPT”.

Thank you again! :stuck_out_tongue:

There you go! If you want something added onto it, don’t hesitate to ask. The pleasure is all mine in making the skin!
Skin: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5094638478163968/TourobabaPT-Zombie

thanx my player name is “keYs101”
(but I have three with the same name so you can choose which one :blush:

I picked the first one! If there’s anything you’re not happy with I’d be happy to fix it!
For some reason the link isn’t working so search keYs101 zombie on Gallery. If it doesn’t work message me.

Try now, I think it does work now.

thanx it looks awesome :blush:

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You’re welcome, I’m always happy to do one.


Hi,can i have a skin? My username is PynkBunny, Thanks!

Done! Please, let me know if anything is unsatisfactory, or you would like something added. I would be happy to fix it!
Sorry! The link doesn’t work, just search on the gallery: PynkBunny Zombie

Wow! Thanks! It Looks Awesome!

No problem!. :smile:

Can you please zombifiy my skin. http://lh4.ggpht.com/RY5DBTZ5ysURiKHSu3UbrmRQD9ZSz52QxGFkEZjs29IVBxcJKeqbtoSY5ldg1ArVTomRFBW9nGvgNUfyHfMQKqA

Sorry it took so long, my computer had a major problem and I was unable to connect to the internet for awhile. Please, do not hesitate to tell me if you’re unhappy with something. I would be more than happy to fix it.
Link: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/5898686169088000/Cloud-Miner-Zombie

Hey! That’s real cool that you can do that! Can you make one for me?
I have my skin on MCskinsearch(like everyone does) But if you want it on Novaskin search The Official Green Skin. It’s not quite finished so it might be a bit hard, if you ca do though, thanks!

**Off topic

Everyone in this topic uses a picture (wallpaper) made by me! :smiley:

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Here it is! Please, to not hesitate to tell me if you’re unhappy with anything, because I would be more than happy to fix it, especially for someone that’s part of the YouTube community!
Link: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/skin/6224844072943616/Greensparki-Zombie

Apologies if you wanted the official skin.
Let me know if that was the one you wanted, and I’ll do it. I just don’t want to have to make a skin that isn’t going to be used!

Thanks so much! The official skin is what I use but that one is more of my “backup skin” I use it too.
You are great at it too!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
It was no trouble, really.